Skin Two Quality Fetish Clothing

Skin Two Burlesque Briefs

Fetish clothing has slowly started to creep into everyday life in western society. From the mid 70s when The Sex Pistols were the vehicle for Vivienne Westwood’s fashion as they became the most visible and controversial expression of punk during it zenith in 1976/77 to the wilder and wilder clubwear since the 1980s. Particularly in recent years fetish influences and straightforwardly kinky clothing is insinuating itself into mainstream fashion.

While you’re not going to see inflatable latex hoods and patent leather ballet slippers with 10 in heels on the high street any time soon this absorption of kinky clothing into the lexicon of fashion makes really way-out designs far more acceptable to everyone. Add in to that the undeniable interest in BDSM and generally more open attitude to sexuality and it’s no wonder that many people are looking for quality fetish clothing.

One of the most renowned names in fetish is Skin Two. Take a look around their online store or call them on 0845 838 5506 / +44 (0)1923 813466. Even if you don’t feel brave enough quite yet to wear any of their amazing gear you’ll enjoy browsing their range.

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