Hello Miss Hunter!

Miss Hunter

Miss Hunter

You can find Miss Hunter waiting in her lair at hellomisshunter.com that is of course if you dare enter into her domain!

This formidable mistress, a stunning 32DD 5 foot brunette, is just itching to give you the discipline you crave. If you are so inclined of course.

Declaring herself as a “Natural dominant” she offers her varied services from the point of view of one who has experienced the kiss of the whip and understands the needs of a submissive. Her speciality is corporal punishment combined with “fairness”, “accuracy” with the tools of her trade and imagination when it comes to role play. It all adds up to what would be an exciting and arousing experience for anyone wishing to experience domination from this experienced Lady.

Trained in martial arts, and active in the wrestling, face-sitting/smothering scene you have to say that it’s difficult to imagine a more accommodating and thoroughly qualified Mistress to pay tribute to.

If you are still in any doubt take a look at the gallery for a taste of the delightful agony on offer.

Image reproduced by kind permission of Miss Hunter, taken by Monkeytwizzle Photography.

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Skin Two Quality Fetish Clothing

Skin Two Burlesque Briefs

Fetish clothing has slowly started to creep into everyday life in western society. From the mid 70s when The Sex Pistols were the vehicle for Vivienne Westwood’s fashion as they became the most visible and controversial expression of punk during it zenith in 1976/77 to the wilder and wilder clubwear since the 1980s. Particularly in recent years fetish influences and straightforwardly kinky clothing is insinuating itself into mainstream fashion.

While you’re not going to see inflatable latex hoods and patent leather ballet slippers with 10 in heels on the high street any time soon this absorption of kinky clothing into the lexicon of fashion makes really way-out designs far more acceptable to everyone. Add in to that the undeniable interest in BDSM and generally more open attitude to sexuality and it’s no wonder that many people are looking for quality fetish clothing.

One of the most renowned names in fetish is Skin Two. Take a look around their online store or call them on 0845 838 5506 / +44 (0)1923 813466. Even if you don’t feel brave enough quite yet to wear any of their amazing gear you’ll enjoy browsing their range.

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The Busty Blog Site

The Busty Blog Site

The Busty Blog Site

Here’s a site that you’ll love if you have an appreciation of boobs.

Dedicated to Women’s breasts “The Busty Blog Site” is a gateway site to other adult image galleries for over of the female form, particularly large boobed female forms.

As you can imagine there’s something for all tastes in tits and even an occasional feature “Boobs from the past” with some nice vintage boob pictures for you to enjoy.

We could have spent hours looking at the lovely racks on display, but alas we have other filth to look at. Of course the site is in the business of making money so you’ll find the gorgeous pictures of big-titted ladies are to tempt you through to pay-sites. But there’s plenty of free naked flesh to look at before you get your credit card out.

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Cosplay Fetish Site

Cosplay Erotica

Cosplay Erotica

Cosplay is an increasingly popular fetish for a whole load of reasons. It’s relatively fresh on the scene because while Cosplay, particularly in Japan has been around for years the specialist nature of sexual Cosplay fetish has meant that not many people are shooting it at the moment.

It’s simple laws of supply and demand, so as the demand grows you will find more sites like this one popping up across the net.

The attraction of Cosplay girls is pretty obvious, they are the ultimate fantasy and set apart from reality because of their inherently fantastical nature. There’s a link to comforting childhood themes like cartoons and video games too. And it all looks like a lot of fun and isn’t that what sex is supposed to be?

Anyway, enjoy the tour of the site and indulge your Cosplay fetish.

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More PVC Fetish

PVC Babe In PInk

PVC Babe In PInk

In our continuing quest to find kinkiness for you might we suggest PVCBabes.com . Yes, it’s a pay site but if you’re into PVC wrapped around lovely ladies this is a site you will enjoy a lot.

From what we can see the quality of the photography is good and the girls are very easy on the eye.

So if you’re into PVC, vinyl, sex toys and wet panties take a look at their tour.

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Latexperience – Latex Fetish Images


AndromedaX Space Pirate

AndromedaX Space Pirate

Latexperience.com is a site for lovers of high quality images of latex clad beauties.

You’ll find AndromedaX (pictured), Ophelia Overdose, Dena Massque and Ina Monster amongst others wearing some really hot fetish clothing for your enjoyment. There are some great preview images for you to feast your eyes on and if you want to explore deeper a view a wider range of higher resolution images then there’s a members area too.

Have fun over there.

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Free Fetish Sex Stories

Kinkyhalo.com - Free Porn Stories

Kinkyhalo.com – Free Porn Stories

If you like a good erotic read of just plain filthy stories for a little titillation and carnal gratification you should get yourself over to KinkyHalo.com. The site is packed full of stories with kinks for all tastes and some pretty hard core action.

They are currently running a competition themed on school fantasies – no under-aged sex of course but plenty of seniors, college kids and horny staff all getting it on for your pleasure. If you fancy yourself as an erotic writer you should take a look at the competition page for the rules and submit a story, you never know you could see yourself published and if you win get $50 for the trouble.

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Plastic and PVC Fetish Site


Plastic and PVC Fetish

Plastic and PVC Fetish

We like this site. It’s a high quality subscription site dedicated to lovers of plastic and PVC fetish.

If you have a plastic fetish or a PVC fetish you want to see high quality images of beautiful models in sexy outfits right? Not grainy pictures that look like they have been taken on a camera phone.

Well this site offers just that. Like we say it is a subscription site but you can see the quality of the image sin the preview section off the front page menu. The site is updated weekly to encourage you to keep up your subscription so if plastic an PVC turn you on you should find plenty to keep you happy here.

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How Far Would You Go?

Boobs Pink Gingham

Free Mummy Porn

Kinky Halo asks:

We’d like to ask all our readers if they would like to read some free mummy porn?

So I suppose we’re asking which of our readers are what you’d term “mummies” and “consumers of porn”.

Following on from that can all you mummies tell us what you like to read in your porn. Is more of a narrative or do you prefer some straight to the point naughty sex that helps you get off when you need to relax?

Read the rest and respond here …


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Redheaded Babes

Redeheaded Realm, home of hot redheads

Redeheaded Realm, home of hot redheads

Here is a blog for all you lovers of redheads.

Redheaded Realm is dedicated to the flaming haired beauties that so many of you find so sex. There are plenty of images of sexy hot chicks, so pop across and take in the scenery.

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